Here are some examples of business case with our clients all over the world.

  • Furniture
  • Houseware
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Home Appliances


We propose lifestyles based on marketing information and firsthand information obtained locally

ClientJapan Production placeChina, Asia etc.

When it comes to important matters, nothing can replace firsthand information that can only be obtained locally. It might be information about a special process, a type of material or a component that has just become available, and this is information that can be discovered only by going to the production site.
On the other hand, it might be information acquired by visiting fashionable cities on a marketing trip to learn about the latest trends firsthand. In the course of experiencing this, our staff refine their own sensibilities while obtaining valuable information for new proposals. Combining these experiences, and imagining the retail stores of our clients as well as the customers who will visit their stores, we propose products that will resonate with customers, products that they will want to own. This is our mission. We are not just a subcontractor. Our aim is to become a partner that our clients need and to propose not only products like furniture but also solutions for new lifestyles.

Earning the client’s trust through the stable supply of high quality products

ClientDenmark Production placeChina

In collaboration with a Scandinavian design company, we provide OEM production for the designer goods of a renowned Scandinavian designer. These products, which are manufactured by affiliated manufacturers in our network, are supplied to Europe, the United States and various Asian countries.
The quality required for products considered to be works of art does not allow for compromise in any way from the materials used to the finished product. We choose the best manufacturers from our worldwide network, and after repeated trials and adjustments to enhance the degree of perfection, we bring to completion products of a quality that satisfies the client.To provide long-term stable supply while maintaining quality, we have established a customer support system underpinned by the concerted efforts of our sales division and quality assurance division.


Initiatives with a long-established German housewares brand

ClientGermany Production placeAsia

Boasting more than 160 years of history since its establishment, this brand is one of Germany’s leading names in housewares. Since the latter half of the 1980s, Sanyei has been entrusted with production of a number of products for this brand to service its customer base in more than 90 countries throughout the world. This brand’s extensive product line is not only by retail consumers but also by hotels and restaurants. The brand was also selected as a purveyor to the Imperial Household. Sanyei provides technology to suit products of the highest quality. Sanyei will always respond positively to even the most difficult requests. We do this by capitalizing on our strengths that effectively utilize our global network centered on Asia and the expertise of our staff, who continually maintain high standards of quality and production.

Fashion Accessories

A Swiss manufacturer aiming for the same high quality found in Swiss-made watches entrusted the manufacturing of its products to our company, a trading company rather than a factory

ClientSwiss Production placeChina, Taiwan

Our client is a leading luggage manufacturer in Switzerland.
Following the de-industrialization in Europe, the company turned to us when it was searching for overseas production and chose us as the supplier of OEM goods, due largely to our strengths in production in China. After commencing production in Shanghai in 2003, we gradually expanded the range of products we handle. During our business talks held on a quarterly basis, we often had to engage in difficult negotiations with our client concerning matters such as “planning and specifications,” “price and quality,” and “delivery dates and acceptance inspections.” Even when it came to the client’s view, if our company could in no way arrive at common ground with the client, we never backed down from our dissenting opinion. In this case, our passionate convictions were sufficiently conveyed to our client. The result was that our client entrusted production to Sanyei, a trading company rather than a factory, as its business partner. Our company is committed to providing a comfortable, dream-inspiring lifestyle not only to consumers in Japan but also to consumers throughout the world through manufacturing.

Home appliance

Healthcare products manufacturer: Utilizing our development capabilities and production technologies, we even provide OEM for healthcare and medical products

ClientJapan Production placeChina

We supply healthcare and medical products including handy massagers as an OEM business. We have developed and manufactured products by combining the medical technology our client has researched over many years with our development and production technologies. Taking advantage of our location in the southern district of China to source the majority of materials from local suppliers, we are supplying products that satisfy both the quality and price requirements of our client.

Electric appliances manufacturer

ClientItaly Production placeChina

We supply electrical products including espresso machines for commercial use and home appliances such as hair dryers to a famous long-established manufacturer in Italy. We create products for our client by combining product designs based on sophisticated Italian design concepts and technology with development and production technologies we have honed as a Japanese manufacturer through our engagement in the OEM business for many years, as well as our quality assurance system aiming for zero defects. We are supplying products that satisfy our client’s requirements in quality, price and delivery lead time.

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