Corporate Philosophy


The Buddhist concept of 'zuien' in its simplest form means 'connection'.
At Sanyei Corporation, we value this concept as we believe it is the essence of building relationships based on bonds of communication and trust.
It is at the heart of our established and expanding corporate network.

Management Vision

Lifestyle Goods focused on 'Health and Environment'

At Sanyei Corporation, we view excellence as the path to happiness.
We strive to provide that happiness by delivering exceptional products and services to our clients.
"Enhancing health and enriching life through lifestyle goods"

Code of Business Conduct

In order to practice Sanyei's value, we have had the following 5 phrases as Code of Business Conduct for all workers at Sanyei Group.

  • 1.Success by doing little things right.
  • 2.Respect all the people who work together in good harmony.
  • 3.Always appreciate all the people's support and concern.
  • 4.Be quick to seize opportunities.
  • 5.Think future and act for our earth.
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