Corporate Philosophy


The Buddhist concept of "ZUIEN" means "connection" in its simplest form.
At Sanyei Corporation, we place great importance on.
Building relationship through communication and bonds of trust 
is what we are all about.

Management Vision

Lifestyle Goods focused on 'Health and Environment'

At Sanyei Corporation,
based on the belief that "a life with small happiness is a good life",
we recognize the changes that are occurring now as opportunities,
and respond to them with a sense of speed,
make the achievement of our management vision as our most important mission,
"Enhancing health and enriching life through lifestyle goods".

Code of Business Conduct

  • 1.We do small things integrity.
  • 2.We value the spirit of mutual help.
  • 3.We never forget to be grateful.
  • 4.Be quick to seize potential opportunities.
  • 5.Think future and act for our earth.