In order to continue being a company that is needed by everyone, we aim to coexist with all of our stakeholders by approaching our business in a sincere manner.

Sustainable initiatives for Our Future

A project for our planet and future.

It is our duty and responsibility to leave this rich and beautiful earth to our future children. By changing the consciousness and behavior of each individual, by shifting each product and its materials into something sustainable, we can contribute to a better world for tomorrow.

The Our EARTH Project is a part of our mission to promote this idea.

As a part of Our EARTH Project, we joined Japan Ethical Initiative and Circular Economy Japan.
These organizations' work is based on SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) suggested by United Nations towards a sustainable society and Circular Economy Action Plan by The European Commission.
We agree with these policies, and make an effort to play a role for its realization.

For details, please refer to each organization's HP.

Environmental initiatives

Environment-friendly new head office building

The Sanyei Kotobuki Building that serves as the head office for the Sanyei Group (completed in April 2012) gives consideration to the environment as follows.

  • Achieves energy reductions through the latest energy-saving facilities including lighting and air conditioning
  • Maximum greening efforts made around the building and on the rooftop in consideration of environmental improvements
  • Inside the building, in addition to wall materials, tables, and chairs made of thinned wood, some floor materials use radiata pine grown under a forest resource recycling supply system

In addition, 20,000 liters of water for fire protection is always available for fire emergencies in the community.

Social contribution initiatives

Sanyei has continually supported NPO Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society since 1977.

What is multiple sclerosis (MS)?

MS is a demyelinating disease of the central nervous system that causes numbness and paralysis in the hands and legs from a spinal cord or other disability, and it was designated as an intractable disease by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 1972. There is variation in the incidence rate among races, and it occurs frequently in areas with high latitude. MS is common among Caucasians in Europe and North America, where it is said that there are 50 to 100 sufferers per 100,000 people. While the number of Japanese patients is on the rise every year, there are not any medical treatment methods for a complete recovery yet.

Why does Sanyei support the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society?

SANYEI's relationship with the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society goes back to 1977. It started when an American friend of the founder and CEO (at that time) of Sanyei Corporation, the late Kunio Izumi, made an earnest appeal to establish a multiple sclerosis society in Japan. The person who made this request was the Chairman of the Board of F.W. Woolworths Co. Ltd. (USA), one of SANYEI's clients at the time that had one of the world's largest retail businesses in North America. Later, Mr. Izumi established the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society in 1977 with the full support of related organizations including the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Japan Medical Association, and the Kyushu University, and its office was opened within SANYEI.
Four years following establishment in 1981, the MS World Conference of Neurology was hosted in Kyoto by the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society. As over 160 researchers and medical advisory group representatives from 19 countries had participated, it could be considered a very important event even by current standards.
In addition to events like this, the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society has continued activities up to the present aimed at ending multiple sclerosis, providing partial subsidies for research expenses in Japan and conducting PR activities for multiple sclerosis as an internationally recognized member of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation.
While the number of sufferers of multiple sclerosis is unfortunately on the rise in Japan, SANYEI will continue to support the activities of the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society going forward in the hopes that there will be further advances in treatment methods and research on the causes of the disease.

  • The MS World Conference Kyoto in 1981
  • SANYEI's founder, Mr. Izumi (second person from the left) at the MS World Conference
  • Event to raise awareness in Asakusa held on the World Multiple Sclerosis Day in 2015
  • Lecture meeting for local citizens held every year In 2015, a team of patients from France visited Japan for the program


[Notice from Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society NPO]
-We would like to thank everyone for their warm support-

The fundraising for the activities of the Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society are covered by donations based on the goodwill of companies and the general public.
We welcome the support of people who endorse the objectives of our activities, as it will enable us to conduct even more meaningful activities.


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NPO Japan Multiple Sclerosis Society Office: George Nakajima

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