Sanyei creates and delivers comfortable lifestyles.

OEM BUSINESS: providing a full logistical service to our clients from planning and development right through to delivery.BRAND BUSINESS: Introducing to Japan the very best brands we select overseas and selling them in the domestic market.


Providing our client’s brand products, Client’s end products, Under client’s name products

To meet the needs of our individual clients in our OEM Business, we take advantage of our global network of offices and factories. This supply chain management system includes, product planning and development, selecting the best production plants for production management, quality control and logistics.

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Formio、FLEXA、WMF、CHASSEUR、Silit、BIRKENSTOCK、kipling、Vitantonio、mod's hair、MULTI CHEF、petland

In the past we also exported many Japanese products to European and American countries, and through dealings with our clients became knowledgeable about various aspects of European and American culture. Capitalizing on the “discerning judgment" we developed during this time, we are introducing Japan to numerous overseas brand products crafted using traditional and masterful techniques. Based on this same knowledge, we also promote Brands that Sanyei has launched independently.

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