Applying the knowledge and experience in overseas business that we acquired through our OEM Business over many years, we provide products under our own company brans as well as brands we discover overseas mainly for the Japanese market.
In addition to wholesaling, we provide a wide range of services from retail store services to after sales services.
Please click the icons and come to check out the website for each brand! (Only in Japanese)

Three characteristics of our brand business


Excellent products with special attention to quality


Active expansion of retail business based on a sales strategy


Provision of after-sales services to enable long-term product use

Brand list of our group


Since 2014, "MINT" has operated an online store that delivers furniture and interior products directly to consumers.


"Formio" is an in-house brand that offers "genuine and long-lasting" furniture with a focus on craftsmanship, which began production in Denmark in 1997 and has been produced in Japan since 2021.


"foxx chair" is an in-house brand with the concept of "Bringing a new value into your relaxation." It surely brings you new perspectives on living style.


Tsukuri is our original online store that delivers garden exterior goods with the hopes to create "your own place."


Villeroy & Boch is Europe’s leading dining and lifestyle legacy brand, founded in 1748.


CHASSEUR is a top-quality cast-iron enamel brand founded in 1924 in the Champagne region of France.


“BENEXY” is the new original footwear brand launched by BENEXY Corporation, which has been working closely with each of the customers with experience in the footwear retail and repair business for more than twenty years.
“BENEXY” offers ‘only one footwear’ under the concepts with three “Bs”: “BASIC”, “BORN FREE”, and “BEIEF.”


Orthofeet is the footwear brand which is originated in the U.S.A.
Developed by podiatrists and biomechanical engineers, Orthofeet footwear, insoles and socks address mobility issues and foot conditions.
Orthofeet products help you to enhance comfort as well as get relief for your walking style.


BIRKENSTOCK is a German footwear brand with a history of over 245 years.


LAULHERE was founded in 1840 and is the last historical beret manufacturer in the Basque area of France.
Over eighty percent of their production process is handmade by expert craftsmen.


BOHONOMAD founded in Turkey makes eco-friendly vegan rope sandals using recyclable polypropylene materials.


O My Bag based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, makes eco-friendly and ethical leather bags and accessories.


Kipling is a casual bag brand that started in Belgium in 1987, and now they have attracted fans from more than 80 countries over the world. It combines functionality with distinctive colors and designs to fit various lifestyles.


“Our EARTH Project” aims to make our planet and future generations "more earth-friendly". We promote sustainable brands, products, materials, and services.


mod's hair is always inspired by fashion and continues to propose new styles. We deliver salon-quality styling tools.

  • *Mod's Hair is a trademark licensed by
    Sanyei Corporation from FGAL BEAUTÉ S.A.
  • Imported and distributed by: Sanyei Corporation


Under the concept of "bringing happiness to everyday life with home appliances", it is a brand of cooking appliances that combines simple design, comfort of use


MULTI CHEF is a professional-quality cooking equipment that meets the needs of top chefs with its patented "magnetic gear" technology.


ION-Sei, an in-house oral care brand, combines Japanese technology and German design.
Its concept is simple yet powerful – to offer a calm, gentle, and effective brushing experience for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
The name "ION" represents its cutting-edge electronic brushing technique, while "Sei" evokes cleanliness, tranquility, and vitality in Japanese. With ION-Sei, our daily oral care becomes a serene moment of self-care and well-being for cherishing our smile.


"Beautiful is Comfortable."
Through the creation of tools for daily life, we brings comfortable and happy lifestyles, and delivers beautiful living spaces that calm your heart.


Pepica is a unique brand representing our pet business where operating pet salons, hotels, veterinary hospitals, and pet-related products retail stores.

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