We always strive to meet our clients’ aspirations. This is at the core of the Sanyei OEM business model. To meet the needs of our individual clients in our OEM Business, we take advantage of our global network of offices and factories. This supply chain management system includes product planning and development, selecting the best plants for production management, quality control and logistics. * What is an OEM Business? By definition, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) refers to the business of providing our clients’ proprietary brand products using our own and affiliated factories overseas.

What is the OEM Business

OEM Business of Sanyei Corporation

Have you ever seen the backside of package when you choose to buy the product at a shop?

There, you could find in the most of cases that there are the name of selling company have written on the package.
 If the company name have written on the package as the sellar, then we, the Sanyei Corporation, are the providing the entire process from selecting the factory to produce the product, procuring the materials, and manufacturing to importing/exporting to the distributor.
Of course, there are many companies producing the items by themselves and selling as well. However, Sanyei Corporation undertakes the entire product development, procurement, and shipping process, and the products are sold under the client's brand name. This business style is called OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing.

We responsible for all supply-chain from production to delivering with the knowledge and experince of over seventy years. We effort to have meeting with clients in order to match their needs until we both to be convinced.

Although you may not have seen or heard the name of Sanyei Corporation, Products you use in your daily life without knowing may also be produced by us.

Client:We would like to have this kind of sofa. We are looking for bags such as functional and well designed. Hearing the Client's needs. Suggest for ideas. Our OEM Business:Our work is to make the most appropriated supply chain in order to match with the customer's needs. Decide the product specification. Choose the factory. Negotiate the cost・Adjust the schedule. Production/Quality Control. Import/export Logistics Delivery.


A trade company founded in 1946


Now with over fifty years of experience, we have developed services that continue to deliver world-class OEM to our clients.

Our global network of offices


Starting from Hong Kong in 1958, we began supplying OEM from countries in Asia. Our solid proprietary overseas network includes offices in Düsseldorf, Milan, and Aalborg (Denmark), creating optimal production systems.

Production management by our own company staff


Sanyei staff with expert knowledge visit manufacturers directly and conduct quality control.
At the request of our clients, we also manage production volume.

Our global operations


In addition to our import and export business based in Japan, we actively engage in business in the United States, Europe, and Asia through our overseas subsidiaries.
These companies from the majority of our client base and demand a high quality service.


Making full use of our resources, we customize the flow of procedures from product planning to delivery in a flexible manner according to our clients’ requirements.

PHASE 1: Business inquiry Marketing Product planning Product development, PHASE 2: Arranging production sites and factories, PHASE 3: Production management Quality control, PHASE 4: Delivery management Logistics Delivery, PHASE 5: Review

PHASE 1 Presenting a proposal based on specialist knowledge to meet clients’ requirements

  • Business inquiry
  • Marketing
  • Product planning
  • Product development

We use the expertise of our overseas subsidiaries to gather information and conduct market research in order to identify global trends. Our staff, with their specialist knowledge, will then present a detailed business proposal from a broad perspective that includes product uses, materials, format, packaging, and sales methods. The next step is to prepare samples that will satisfy the client’s aspirations.

PHASE 2 Selecting appropriate factories from around the world by tapping into our network of resources

  • Arranging production sites and factories

Through our own overseas offices and factories as well as affiliated factories, we conduct a comparative study of a number of factories that will suit the client’s budget and requirements in volume, materials, and quality standards, and we arrange the optimal production line. If we discover a new factory with excellent quality and arrangements, we suggest it to the client. At present, we are achieving cost cutting by actively undertaking production in ASEAN countries.

PHASE 3 Achieving stable production and supply through close cooperation with factories

  • Production management
  • Quality control

We have full-time staff stationed in production areas. Through rigorous checks from “the ordering of raw materials” to “quality inspections,” we prevent variability in quality and achieve stable product supplies.

PHASE 4 Total coordination from shipping to delivery of goods

  • Delivery management
  • Logistics
  • Delivery

We provide the latest information and constantly update the schedule from the time a shipment leaves the factory until its delivery. We can make delivery arrangements according to the client’s requests including warehouse deliveries, personal deliveries, single deliveries, and sequential deliveries. In addition to import arrangements, we handle export arrangements from overseas locations to other overseas destinations. Our specialist departments also handle necessary customs clearance procedures for importing and exporting, and arrange prompt delivery.

PHASE 5 Supporting our client’s business through follow up procedures

  • Review

Prior to receipt of the next order, we confirm with the client the flow of business procedures up until then and propose a plan. Please feel free to consult with us regarding your OEM needs including proposals for seasonal products or changes in specifications.

Introduction of examples (examples of products)

Sanyei Corporation has collaborated with various companies in the production of lifestyle goods such as “Furniture,” “Housewares,” “Fashion Accessories” and “Home Appliances.” Here are some examples of some of these.

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